Lego Bricktales announced, an adventure with dioramas, puzzles and block-by-block construction mechanics


Publisher Thunderful and developer ClockStone Studio (Bridge Constructor Portal) have announced and provided the first details of Lego Bricktales, a story-driven adventure where players will explore dioramas and solve puzzles using block-by-block construction mechanics. The title, which has also been released with a trailer, will be available throughout this year on PC via Steam and other platforms yet to be revealed.

The Lego Bricktales story follows a young man whose grandfather, a genius inventor, asks him for help to save his amusement park, which is about to close after the mayor has threatened to tear it all down and give the city another use. area if the necessary repairs are not made to bring it into compliance with current laws. During the campaign our young hero will have the help of a powerful “little robot” that he can restore with a mysterious device made with alien technology.

The device needs happiness crystals to work, which can be obtained by making people happy and solving their problems. Thanks to a portal, players will be able to travel to different places to help people and get crystals. The world of Lego Bricktales is made up of dioramas built block by block, and as the figurines are assisted, new abilities will be unlocked to better explore the settings and discover the secrets and mysteries they hide.

Players of Lego Bricktales will have access to all kinds of creations, from the more aesthetically pleasing like a market stall or a music box, to functional physics-based puzzles like a crane or a gyrocopter. Each of the dioramas has a variety of building zones where you can freely bring ideas to life block by block. In addition, in each of these areas you will have access to a series of blocks with which you must build a working object.

When a construction zone is completed, a free mode will be unlocked where players can improve their skills “with a huge selection of additional blocks of different themes”.