Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 11 RELEASE DATE, Spoilers, Countdown And Watch Online


Let Me Be Your Knight episode 11 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about Let Me Be Your Knight episode 11 Release Date, Recap of Let Me Be Your Knight episode 10, and more

Let Me Be Your Knight is an ongoing South Korean television series directed by Ahn Ji-sook and written by Seo Jeong-eun and Yoo So-won.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Highlights:

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Hyo Bin, who had been broken into pieces when Shin rejected her, decided to get back at him. She took a picture of Shin and Chae Ji Yeon hanging out on one of their dates and gave it to the reporters. Of course, that would have caused big havoc for both Shin and Chae Ji Yeon. Not to mention how much hate both of them will be getting for dating each other. Like idol can’t do anything normal? When Chae Ji Yeon is overwhelmed with stress and finds out that news of her and Shin has broken out, Shin helps her out, and the two decide to overcome this problem together.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 11 Release Date:

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The upcoming episode will release on January 23, 2022. 

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 11 Countdown:

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 11 Spoilers:

It seems like Yoon Joo might be kicked out of LUNA’s house. It even looks like the thugs following Yoon Joo around will take her twin, Dr.Kang, as her and threaten her. Yoon Joo would, of course, be really sad that all of this happened, and when she was crying, Tae In said that he didn’t know whether her tears were fake as well. Ouch, he is literally scrubbing salt on her wound. All of us really hope that Wo Yeon’s words get through Tae In, and maybe Tae In will consider Yoon Joo’s apology. 

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 10 Streaming Details:

You can watch fresh episodes of the series on Rakuten Viki, provided you have an active subscription. We recommend you watch the show on official platforms only.

Let Me Be Your Knight Cast:

  1. Jung In Sun
  2. Lee Jun Young
  3. JR
  4. Jang Dong Joo
  5. Kim Dong Hyun

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