Tae In Finds Out All About Yoon Joo Being Fake About Dr. Kang In Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 9


Let Me Be Your Knight episode 9 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about Let Me Be Your Knight episode 9 Release Date, Recap of Let Me Be Your Knight episode 8, and more

Let Me Be Your Knight is an ongoing South Korean television series directed by Ahn Ji-sook and written by Seo Jeong-eun and Yoo So-won.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 8 Highlights:

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While Yoon Joo was getting angry whenever Tae In’s close friend and Tae In were having fun, Tae In couldn’t help but scowl whenever he saw Woo Yeon and Yoon Joo having fun. Could these two get any cuter! Also, although Yoon Joo thought that Tae In’s friend liked Tae In, Tae In’s friend actually knew that Tae In and Yoon Joo liked each other and had no intention of dating Tae In again.

Also, after waiting for a long time, Tae In finally confessed his feelings for Yoon Joo in a very romantic way. He first called her over to listen to a song

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 9 Release Date:

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The upcoming episode of Let me be your knight will release on January 9, 2022. A new episode of the series rolls out every Sunday.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 9 Spoilers:

Now that Yoon Joo and Tae In have had their first kiss, they naturally have become a couple. However, in the preview for the 9th episode, Yoon Joo has been trying to block off all the attempts that Tae In makes. She worried that he would feel heavily betrayed when he found out that she wasn’t Dr.Kang but Dr.Kang’s poorer twin Yoon Joo. He will be much more upset when he finds out that Yoon Joo had decided to act as Dr.Kang because she was in desperate need of money.

Let Me Be Your Knight Episode 9 Streaming Details:

You can watch fresh episodes of the series on Rakuten Viki, provided you have an active subscription. We recommend you watch the show on official platforms only.

Let Me Be Your Knight Cast:

  1. Jung In Sun
  2. Lee Jun Young
  3. JR
  4. Jang Dong Joo
  5. Kim Dong Hyun

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