Listening to the waves of the sea and a good podcast: great plan for a day at the beach


If you can watch your favorite series whenever and however you want, it seemed logical that the same could be done with radio. This is the essence of a podcast, a radio program that is not on the radio, but on different platforms (iVoox, Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Podimo…) that can be listened to whenever you want, without depending on time slots. . In other words, the podcast is to radio what a Netflix series is to television.

The topics they deal with are extremely varied, so it is not strange that each person finds theirs based on their interests. And since summer is here and great days at the beach are coming up, Igluu ​​has made a small selection of podcasts that you can listen to while you gaze at the sea.

Better Connected, from Telefónica, offers three very interesting programs. Deep conversations with inspiring characters such as Rafa Nadal, Laura Baena, Amaya Valdemoro, Iñaki Gabilondo and Chema Alonso. The episodes range between half an hour and 50 minutes during which topics such as teamwork, sports, family reconciliation and motherhood or how to train your mental strength are addressed.

Other recommendations are Understand your Mind, led by the journalist Molo Cebrián, which addresses issues such as anxiety, self-esteem and smiling depression, among others. Y That’s not talked aboutby the writer and documentalist Isabel Cadenas Cañón, a narrative non-fiction podcast with an unclassifiable format that navigates between the chronicle, the essay and the documentary.