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Log Horizon Season 4 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Log Horizon Season 4 release date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Log Horizon Season 4 cast, And Everything We Know So Far.

By its 11th enlargement pack, the vastly multiplayer online role-gambling sport (MMORPG) Elder Tale (, Erudā Teiru) has to turn out to be an international success, with a consumer base of hundreds of thousands of players.

However, at some stage in the discharge of its 12th enlargement pack: Homesteading the Noosphere  Nōasufia no Kaikon, every now and then translated as Novasphere Pioneers) thirty thousand Japanese game enthusiasts who’re logged on at the time of the replacement abruptly discover themselves transported into the digital sport globally and wearing their in-sport avatars.

In the midst of the event, a socially awkward gamer named Shiroe, alongside together along with his friends, Naotsugu and Akatsuki, determine to group up in order that they will face this global, which regrettably has now turn out to be their reality, at the side of the demanding situations and limitations in advance of them.

Log Horizon Season 4 Release Date:

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We all know the last season that is Log Horizon Season 3 was aired this year itself probably in the month of January, to be precise 13th January 2021. The first season of this popular anime was streamed in the year  2013 and we got the second season for the series in the year 2014. As we all saw there was a huge gap between season 2 and season 3, so we are expecting it to get scheduled for airing probably in the year 2024 or 2025. It might take three to four years to get released. Well, we really want to see the show as fast as possible. Let’s hope we get the release date soon.

Previously On Log Horizon Season 3 :

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log horizon season 4 release date

As we noticed in an ultimate season that Shiroe and his fellow Adventurers were given trapped withinside the Elder Tale Game World. There they fought with the goblin attackers and stored the lives of local people. At the cease of the ultimate season, we noticed that they sought a plan to go back to the actual lifestyles international with the assist of a spherical desk. The tale of season three begins wherein it resulted in its preceding version.

While the adventurers have been making plans for their getaway to the actual international a few problems awaited them of their way. In the chief of honesty loses his religion withinside the Round Table. He later turns into the Duke of Akiba and Shiroe becomes tensed of it. To lessen anxiety among Ein and Reyneshia, a well-known election become held for the residents of Akiba.

In the election, residents ought to pick out among a central authority led with the aid of using Akiba or a reformed spherical desk lead with the aid of using Reyneshia. Round Table withinside the management of Reyneshia wins the election in the meantime Misa and Rieze get a few statistics approximately their misplaced buddy Crusty. Shiroe sends Rayneshia to journey to the Chinese server with the aid of using the boat and produce Crusty and the others lower back home.

Meanwhile, Minori and her buddies deliver refuge to Lelia and Litka Mofur in Log Horizon’s guild base. Suddenly a monster Ereinus assaults the city. Share and his buddies with the assist of various procedures defeated the monster. After the defeat of the monster, these kinds of were given liberated from the place. But the sisters Lelia and Litka will live withinside the city. Whereas hero Shiroe proceeds to Minami at the side of Regan.

Log Horizon Season 4 Plot: What Will Be Log Horizon Season 4 All About?

In the ultimate season, we witnessed Akiba defeats the Genius Ereinus. Space wherein all of the characters have been captivated disappears and the Players pop out unfastened from their cage. The younger gamers have been cheered all around through the present teammates.

Mover Sisters too have become participants of the Log Horizon. The maximum heartbreaking aspect to look become while Minori tells Shiroe approximately her feelings, he rejects her in a couple of minutes and tells her that he has already a person who he loves plenty and he or she does now no longer stand a chance.

It becomes pretty clean the Akatsuki becomes the only one on whom Shiroe had a weigh-down. Later while the display ends inside the ultimate Shiroe is proven and he tells approximately his preference to Regan that he’s inclined to tour to Minami and in this Regan is of the same opinion and tells his want to sign up for him for the adventure too.

Shiroe could be visiting in season four to locate his love Akatsuki. Regan could be his teammate in the adventure and at the same time as they tour they’ll move servers, one being the Chinese and some other one Japanese server. Both the locations may have their personal thrill as Japanese servers may have an ongoing civil struggle far and that too among Nureha and Antics.

Yes, they each are already regarded through Shiroe and he could be the only one fixing the situation. They will tour in the direction of the 5 essential towns and plenty of greater journeys will take location in Log Horizon Season four.

Log Horizon Season 4 Trailer:

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Who will be in the cast of Log Horizon Season 4?

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log horizon season 4 release date

Despite the lengthy gaps in-between seasons, “Log Horizon” has retained many of the actors involved in earlier episodes, at least for the English dub. When Funimation announced the official release date of the English dubbed version of Season 3 in February 2021, there were at least four actors in lead roles returning to the show.

These included Mike Yeager, who returned to voice the lead character, Shiroe, a quiet engineering student who becomes a heroic enchanter when he is transported to “Elder Tale.” Jād Saxton was confirmed to play Akatsuki, another founding member of the “Log Horizon” guild, as was Andrew Love, who voiced Shiroe’s friend since childhood, Naotsuga. The final returning lead was Jovan Jackson as Nyanta.

Without more information regarding when “Log Horizon” is scheduled to be produced or released, it remains challenging to speculate whether they will stay on board for the next set of episodes. However, the fact that they were willing to return after the show’s previous break, which lasted over five years, is a good sign that fans can expect to hear from them again in Season 4.

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