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‘Lost in Space’ is an extremely science fiction streaming television series on Netflix. It’s all three seasons proved to be a total thriller and has totally managed to keep its audiences glued to their television screens. In this article, we shall take a detailed look at the ending of the third instalment and also what the conclusion means for the Robinson family’s story.

Lost in Space Season 3 Ending Explained:

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From what the last scene of ‘Lost in Space’ season 3 portrayed: Will and Robot were together on a different and newly discovered alien planet. After they managed to serve themselves as an important role in preventing the great SAR’s war, Will decided to take some time off in order to come out as an enhanced pilot. He did this with the hope of embarking on more and more adventurous trips with Robot. We saw that Maureen and John provided their permission to Will to travel on an exciting excursion only after Thanksgiving and also only as long as he and Robot are back home before the start of Christmas festivities. 

During this section of the episode, Penny’s voiceover is played which leaves a hint to us that further point out that Will’s strategy might have altered or there might also be a possibility that he already missed his chance to be present for Christmas on Alpha Centauri. The reason could be because Will and Robot are quite occupied travelling around brand new planets. An example is the one that the makers have given an idea about at the extreme climax of the family drama. However, it was noticed that its ending does not seem to give away any supplementary details regarding the question as to where Will and Robot decided to travel at last.

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