“LOVE ISLAND” FANS Think That Liberty Is Back With Jake, Given The Double Take At His New Mercedes.


Jake Cornish’s fans did a double-take when he posted an image of his new automobile on Instagram.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann was snapped in a white dress as she posed with her arm around a blonde lady, who some thought was Liberty Poole at first sight.

Before the pair called it a day, Jake and Liberty served up the love story of the season in the villa.

Many fans were shocked after mistaking the lady in the photo for her, as they then left the program and have not been seen together since.

But it was clear that Victoria Picton, who runs the online dealership VIP45, had unknowingly facilitated a meeting between Jake and Golden Paints.

However, one fan stated: “I believed that was a library at first glance; sick automobile.”


"LOVE ISLAND" FANS Think That Liberty Is Back With Jake, Given The Double Take At His New Mercedes.

“Knew it was you and Liberty for a second,” one person wrote laughing. Others chimed in: “I thought that was you and Liberty.”

A third asked the celebrity, “Why did I believe she was Liberty?” Several other folks chimed in and said, “So did I.”

Meanwhile, Liam Reardon, who won Love Island with Jake Wood, tweeted: “Great bro!” Meanwhile, Jake’s Love Island pal Liam Reardon, who won Love Island with Millie Court, wrote: “Love it bro!”

“Thank you so much to Victoria Vip 45 for arranging me a new Mercedes and getting it delivered to my house with no hassle,” he added, captioning a photo of his new car.

Following his appearance on Love Island, Jake has avoided the limelight, but Liberty has continued working as a TV star and lingerie model.

On the new series of Dancing On Ice, she will skate with Joe Johnson as a former Nando’s waitress.

They’ve been working out hard on the ice in preparation for the premiere tomorrow night.

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