Where To Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 12?

‘Love Twist’ Episode 12 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about ‘Love Twist’ Episode 12 Release Date, Recap of Episode 11, and more.

Love Twist is a very popular 2021 ongoing South Korean Television series. It is directed by Kim Won-Young and written by Lee Eun-Joo. This series was initially premiered on December 13, 2021, on KBS2. The series will consist of 100 episodes, with 12 of them having already aired.

The story of ‘Love Story’ revolves around three families whose love and life are twisted because of lies.

Love Twist Episode 12 Release Date:

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The release date of Love Twist is 28 December 2021.

Where to Watch?

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love twist

Love Twist, a Korean drama has been announced to have 100 episodes. It airs every Monday to Friday at 19:50 KST.

Love Twist Episode 12 is available to watch on the Rakuten Viki subscription service for overseas fans.

Love Twist Episode 11 Highlight:

We saw in episode 11 of Love Twist that So Ri is adamant about not giving up on her enterprise. When So Ri finds Yoon Ah selling the company’s garments the next day, she becomes enraged and begins collecting all of the clothes from the purchasers. Later, we learn that So Ri and Ha Ru were saddened by the company’s closure. He did, however, have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start over in Silicon Valley.

Love Twist Episode 12 Spoilers:

In the upcoming episode, we may expect Kyung Joon to find out about Gwang Nan’s affair in the following episode. He was also horrified when he learned that his parents were having an affair with his auntie Hee OK later on.

So Ri receives an ultimatum from her father to shut down the Twist once more. So Ri was worried later by the prospect of Ha Ru and Yoon-ah traveling to the United States together. Is it possible that Ha Ru and So Ri will end up together?

Love Twist Cast:

  1. Hahm Eun-Jung as Oh So Ri
  2. Kim Jin Yeop as Park Ho Roo
  3. Son Sung Yoon as Kang Yoon Ah
  4. Jang Se Hyun as Jo Kyang Joon

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