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‘Love Twist’ Episode 18 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about ‘Love Twist’ Episode 18 Release Date, Recap of Episode 17, and more.

The plot of ‘Love Story’ centers on three families whose love and lives have been distorted by falsehoods.

Love Twist Episode 17 Highlights:

Ok Hee finds out about So Ri and Ha Ru’s relationship in episode 17, as we saw previously. She tries to persuade her in-laws to let them marry, only to discover that her husband is having an affair.

Love Twist Episode 18 Release Date:

love twist

The previous episode featured an intriguing storyline that left Love Twist fans eagerly anticipating the next episode. The eighth episode of ‘Love Twist’ will be released on January 5, 2022. So be ready for a spectacular episode!

Love Twist Episode 18 Spoilers:

Spoilers: We can expect to see So Ri and Ha Ru planning their wedding in the following episode. They also want ‘Twist’ to be a success. So Ri, on the other hand, expects his father to reconsider his mind, but fate had other plans for So Ri. Gwang Na,m has devised a scheme to sabotage ‘Twist.’ When So Ri and Ha Ru meet with the investors again, they learn that Gwang Nam has declared So Ri to be his successor, which disappoints So Ri. As a result, they lose the money they put into ‘Next.

Watch Love Twist Episode 18 Online:

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Love Twist Cast:

  1. Hahm Eun-Jung as Oh So Ri
  2. Kim Jin Yeop as Park Ho Roo
  3. Son Sung Yoon as Kang Yoon Ah
  4. Jang Se Hyun as Jo Kyang Joon

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