Malacates Trébol Shop celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special concert in February 2022


The Guatemalan band Winches Clover Shop celebrated his 25th anniversary artistic career with a special concert on the night of the 7th february 2022.

We tell you the details of the note and we show you the images of the presentation of the Malacates Trébol Shop.

Special concert by Malacates Trébol Shop on its 25th anniversary

The concert was held at Dome Theater, in Zone 9 of Guatemala City. This special presentation was attended by the media and special guests of the group. For Francisco Paezvocalist of the band: «I want you to know that Malacates, more than a band, is a project based on a dream.»

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: Francisco Páez appears, vocalist of the group. (Credit: / Joao Leiva)

The evening was full of emotions for what 25 years mean for the band and its members. In fact, the concert began with the song Quisiera.

On their website, the band also added the following: “Today we thank every media outlet, every radio, every newspaper (print and digital), every journalist and photographer who has covered our news and releases.”

winches 25th anniversary concert

The guitarist of the group appears. (Credit: / Joao Leiva)

Sara Curruchich, special guest

A surprise was the arrival on stage of Sara Curruchich, a Mayan Kaqchikel singer-songwriter, as she appeared with Malacates to perform the hit Song inside me.

Sara Curruchic in concert Malacates

Sara Curruchich accompanied Malacates in her concert. (Credit: / Joao Leiva)

We share one of the most special moments of the concert in this video:

Thank you from Malacates Trébol Shop

Both at the concert and on the website of Malacates, the thanks to their audience and fan club resounded, who have always accompanied the group:

«Thank you very much for your comments, for following us on social networks, for having bought our records or cassettes and t-shirts, for putting “play” on those songs on streaming networks and for preferring those songs that are no longer ours, but belong to everyone who enjoys them.”

Winch concert in Guatemala

Visually Impaired Photo Description: Malacates Trébol Shop on stage. (Credit: / Joao Leiva)

Macacates Trébol Shop, congratulations on these first 25 years of music! We hope to see you soon.

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