Man offers pieces of bolillo after earthquake in CDMX; video goes viral


In Mexico there is a strong belief that, after a big scare, the best solution to make that feeling go away is to eat a roll and this September 19, 2022, After the magnitude 7.7 earthquake, people did not ignore it.

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Through social networks, the video of a man carrying a tray and offering pieces of roll to the people, in the middle of the street CDMX, after it happened shaking of the 13:05 hours. It is even appreciated that the person who is recording takes one of the pieces and thanks for the gesture.

The recording, of just a few seconds, has caused a sensation on networks and users have also recognized the action. “Magical Mexico” “as Mexico there are not two” o “hero without a cape” These are some of the comments that can be read in the video published on social networks and that we leave you below.

respect to eat bolillo after a scare, It should be noted that its consumption is not really necessary, why? In this link we explain it to you.