March 9, what happened on a day like today


In 1902 Luis Barragan was born.

Renowned Mexican architect, he studied at the Free School of Engineering in Guadalajara. Early in his career he remodeled the houses of Efraín González Luna and Enrique Aguilar, among other emblematic properties. In 1941 he built his first garden in Mexico City, in 1945 he associated with José Bustamante to develop the planning and urbanization project for the Jardines del Pedregal subdivision in San Ángel. Another of his significant works is the Casa Barragán in Chapala, Jalisco. Together with the sculptor Mathias Goeritz, he designed the famous Satellite Towers. He received the National Award for Arts, the University of Guadalajara awarded him the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

Yuri Gagarin was born in 1934.

Famous Soviet cosmonaut, he is known for being the first human being to travel to outer space with the Vostok 1 launch vehicle, which took off on April 12, 1961. The trip lasted 108 minutes, reaching a maximum altitude of 301 kilometers with only 27 year old. Although he never traveled to space again, he was active in training other cosmonauts and from 1962 he was the first deputy of the Soviet Supreme, the highest legislative level of the Soviet Union.

Charles Bukowski died in 1994.

Renowned American writer and poet, he was born in Germany. He wrote short stories, poems and novels. The first publication of his stories was in the mid-1940s, after 10 years he published his first poems, he had a steady career until his death. His writing style reflects a deep influence from Los Angeles, the city where he lived. In his work there is a strong link with drugs, alcohol and women, Bukowski is known in the genre of “dirty realism”. His works include: Postman, Writings of an Indecent Old Man, The Fucking Machine and Plumbing Music.

In 1942 John Cale was born

Renowned Welsh musician, along with Lou Reed was the main creative force of the Velvet Underground. In the group he excelled as a bassist, cellist, keyboardist and occasional composer. He was representative of pre-punk, punk and new wave, supervising important recordings for Stooges, Nico, Patti Smith, Modern Lovers and Squeeze. He ventured as a soloist and producer, releasing several albums: Vintage Violence, The Academy In Peril or Music For A New Society. He is a difficult musician to define from a style, since his studies in classical and avant-garde music guide him towards other levels within the art. As a member of the Velvet Underground, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

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