masonry trowels


Next we will talk about an ancient tool that, even today, has not found a substitute, no matter how much the years have passed and technology has advanced. This is still essential in masonry work.

This is the masonry trowel, also called trowel.

But the fact that it has survived for thousands of years in a prominent position in the masonry sector does not mean that it has not evolved to make masonry work easier.

We have been able to do this article with the collaboration and advice of Bellota, a pioneering brand in construction tools, among other sectors such as agriculture and gardening.

Next we will analyze and test three of their palette models. And taking advantage of the launch of its Bellota Pro range, we will hold a raffle. At the end of the article you have all the information about it.

Participates!! The prize can be yours.

Bellota was founded in 1908 in Legazpi (Guipúzcoa). It is present in more than 120 countries. And it has manufacturing plants in Spain, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Denmark and India.

Its undeniable experience and extensive know-how acquired over more than a century, allows it to have a portfolio, only of masonry pallets, of between 70 and 100 different models.

This enormous variety is due to the fact that they have adapted their palettes both to the way professionals work and to different geographical areas. Proof of this is the name of the different models: north palette, Catalan palette,…

Masonry trowels analyzed

Catalan Shoulder

Of intermediate size, with a rounded triangular shape and with the spike at a more open angle than normal.

North Palette

And the North palette in its two versions.

On the one hand, the standard, with an ergonomic bi-material handle. Although it will not go on the market until next September.

And on the other, the Norte Pro trowel, with a beech wood handle and a nylon heel.

Both are larger, have a trapezoidal shape and the angle of the spike is somewhat more closed.

masonry trowels - photo 2

main features

Although from ignorance it may seem that the design and manufacture of this type of tool does not contain any mystery, there is nothing further from reality when we talk about Bellota PRO.

If you don’t believe me, keep reading:

All of them are made of special heat-treated steel and forged in one piece. No welds. That guarantees you a tool for life. Its tang is anchored to the handle in a robust way and without slack, which facilitates its comfort in use. And regarding the handle, say that there are two types: The bi-material ergonomic handle, with a very soft touch. And the one made of beech wood with or without a nylon plug. All wooden handles of this brand have the certification PEFC.

The main difference with welded and forged paddles is durability: with these you retire. With the welded and forged ones you need to change them due to their wear and tear and malformations.

What is PEFC?

It stands for Program for the Recognition of Forest Certification. It is an international non-governmental organization that promotes the sustainable management of forests.

Testing the masonry trowels

Well, taking advantage of the fact that we are undergoing renovations in the workshop, we will try these three models of pallets.

masonry trowels - photo 3

In the first place we will knead the mortar, and we will do it with the North trowel. As it is large, we will do it faster.

Once prepared, neither too liquid nor too thick, we are going to fill this hole through which we have passed some PVC pipes.

We will start with the large palette, to fill faster.

Like the big hole, to prevent the mortar from sagging, we put a few pieces of brick, and apply more mortar.

masonry trowels - photo 4

And we end up refining and smoothing with the Catalan palette.

It’s been a while since I fired a mortar, but I haven’t been too bad at it.

The last step is to clean the palettes well and store them until the next job.


The truth is that I have noticed them very comfortable to use. And I have used them without gloves precisely to feel the touch of the handle, which is certainly soft and comfortable.

Tools of this quality like these, with minimal care last a lifetime.

I never tire of repeating it: good quality products, in the long run, are cheap. This philosophy, so far, has never failed me.

Video of the test carried out

Below I include the video of the tests carried out.

If you like tools related to masonry and construction, I leave you another of our articles that deals with a manual tool to cut plasterboard quickly and accurately: Cut drywall easily and cleanly.

Masonry kit draw

On the occasion of the launch of the new Bellota Pro range, we are going to carry out a very simple raffle that will leave you in one piece, like the Bellota Pro palettes.

In this contest we will raffle, on the one hand, a masonry kit composed by:

Flower pot. Chillers. plain. boiler. The Bellota Pro palette that you choose.

And, on the other:

A t-shirt like the one I used in this video.

To compete you just have to follow the simple instructions that appear in the contest rules, which I include below.

Rules of the draw

Draw valid for users domiciled in Peninsular Spain.

To participate in the contest, just follow these steps:

Follow BricoBlog and Bellota on Instagram. “Like” the post on Instagram. And mention a friend you would like to touch the shirt.

The masonry kit prize will go to whoever writes in the post. And the shirt will go to the friend who was mentioned in that comment

The draw will be held on August 10 among all the participants who have participated until August 9, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (peninsular time).

Participating is super easy. Without complications. for you to stay one piecelike the Bellota Pro palettes.

Come to participate!! The prize can be yours.