Mensis helps you hire a ‘coach’ to put your resume in shape and get a job


Announcements of new jobs in both national and foreign companies are common every week in Costa Rica, a country that works to attract foreign investment and decrease its unemployment rate, which reached 11.7% of the workforce for the quarter ending in June.

Faced with this reality, many people apply for one or more positions, but are they doing it the right way and with the proper preparation? Do you have your updated resume consistent with what you are looking for? How are you doing on LinkedIn?

With the objective of preparing people who are looking for a job, Mensis was born, a Costa Rican startup that helps refine details such as their resume and obtain the necessary tools to perform successfully in job interviews.

To do this, it developed a web platform that unites professionals seeking employment with active recruiters, who prepare applicants to find a job according to their expectations, through a collaborative economy system.

Adrián Díaz, founder of Mensis, explained that there is inadequate preparation of candidates for new positions, which prevents them from obtaining better working conditions and being successful in the process. For this reason, the platform aims to connect recruiters with experience in the areas of interest of those who are looking for a job.

Díaz is well aware of the situation he describes. Mensis was born in 2020 after he lost his job and plunged into searching for a new job. In the process, he realized that although he had vast experience in the field of technology, he needed the support of a professional to adapt his skills to the requirements that companies requested. When he contacted one, he found employment within three weeks and floated the idea of ​​developing Mensis.

Today, the platform has a community of up to 200 recruiters who have prepared more than 1,000 people, of which 35% managed to find a position with a better salary and 75% obtained a job faster than other candidates, according to data provided by the business.

The areas where people are most looking for jobs are management, customer service, marketing, software development, and sales. Likewise, the platform shows that the main reasons why users want to change jobs are the search for a salary increase and professional growth.

How does Mensis work?


Those who wish to use this tool must enter the electronic address and fill out a form that will provide information to the platform that, through artificial intelligence, will offer different recruiter options that will train users personalized.

In this way, once the preferred recruiter has been selected, three to four personalized sessions will be held with the candidate virtually, where that expert will analyze their profile, provide recommendations and mock job interviews, with the purpose of guiding them in every detail. of process.

“It is very important to emphasize that, although the platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms, users will have a personal and live approach with the recruiters, who will be in charge of learning about each case and guiding them, paying special attention to soft skills, resume , LinkedIn profile and other variables that make a difference when being part of a recruitment process”, explained Díaz.

The founder of Mensis explained that when professionals participate in recruitment processes and are not selected, it is difficult for them to receive feedback, so they do not know how they can improve for the next interview. For this reason, conducting interview simulations with recruiters could help in the improvement process.

Currently, the user must pay a fee depending on the service they hire and they also have the opportunity to be part of the network of connections that Mensis offers through its recruiters and allied companies. The company’s plans for the next stages include developing the mobile platform and even venturing into countries like Mexico.