MHA Chapter 311 Spoilers Leaked – Deku Likely To Gain More Superhero Powers – All Latest News


Today’s article is all about the Japanese anime Hero Academia (MHA)’.  I will be providing you with a few detailed information about the ‘My Hero Academia MHA 311 episodes and also the recap of 310 episodes.

My Hero Academia

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The famous ‘ My Hero Academia’ series is actually a Japanese Manga series, This famous series has been written by Kohei Horikoshi, directed by Kenji Nagasaki, and is produced by Kazumasa Sanjoba, This is an animated series comprising of adventure, fantasy, and superhero.

This series is actually about a boy who is born without superpowers in the world but wants to become a superhero, But as we know later in the series, Japan’s greatest hero All-Mighty helps him to register himself in a school for heroes in training

What To Expect From My Hero Academia Chapter 311?

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According to the reports, Deku will be gaining more superhero powers to maintain the peace of the world, Also, Deku seems to be very much tensed about the missing report of Shigaraki and finds a way to find Shigaraki.

To know about the whole episode we all have to wait till May 9, 2021.

In conclusion, I hope now you all have come to know about the ‘MHA’ series, episode 310 recap, and episode 311 spoilers. 

MHA Chapter 311 Release Date

We all know that the first season was premiered in Japan from April to June 2016 and the second season was aired in Japan as well from April to September 2017.

We are also familiar that the third and fourth season was aired from April to September 2018 and from October 2019 to April 2020 respectively, According to reports, the fifth season has premiered in March 2021.

According to various posts, we can understand that ‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 311 is to be released on  May 9, 2021.

Previously On Solo Leveling 149 

A set of people had suddenly started attacking a giant woman thinking her to the villain, even after the woman pleads to stops, the attack continues ignoring all her requests, But within a few moments, we find Deku in the situation to save the innocent women.

Later, the group of people comes to know from Deku that the woman was not the villain but was an ordinary trespasser.

In conclusion, I hope now you all know about MHA Chapter 311 Spoilers,  Release Date, Etc. However.

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