Michochip de la Frontera, the congress of obsolete technologies


The annual assembly of Microchip de la Frontera has begun this 2037 like the rest of the years since the village was created, back in 2000, with the founders remembering the old days. “I still remember when we arrived, not without effort, from that gas station,” says Mr. Caribe, his voice already broken by time. “At that time they called it the emptied Spain,” replies Mr. Camela. “I know that now the whole country is full of self-managed villages like this one.”

A projector carries images over the pediment of the town square and laughter is heard among the inhabitants who never miss the annual assembly, when they see themselves on the wall with the pints they had the day they arrived. The meeting, which is usually held after the World Mobile Congress, is a review of the year in the community for the proposal of improvements, the solution of problems and the acceptance or not of new inhabitants.

Mr. Blockbuster, also one of the oldest, enjoys this day very much, since he is the one in charge of the documentary that explains how Microchip de la Frontera works and of distributing, at the end of the conference, some reels so that the candidates reveal some photographs in Mr. Kodak’s store and leave some money on your visit to the village. “Self-management wouldn’t be self if it weren’t like that”, he ends up saying every year to visitors.

This year, Siri, along with Visa, two ladies already, are the candidates with the best prospects to enter the community. Of the first it is said that she is very intelligent, “that she knows everything”; and the second, that she can help improve bartering between the inhabitants, but that “let’s see how she gets along with Doña Crypto, with the bad milk she has.”

Epson, the projector, once the accounts and the latest technical slides have been presented, turns around to participate in the vote that all its neighbors are about to cast. The green button is for Siri and the red button is for Visa.

After a long moment of whispering and nervousness typical of the decisive end of the annual meeting, Mr. Excel, in charge of data and accounts at Microchip de la Frontera, approaches Epson and whispers the result in his ear, locked in one of the their cells.

The pediment wall is clearly painted green and the microchipians burst with joy congratulating Siri and consoling, as best they can, Visa, which is already collecting the developed photographs to better prepare for next year’s candidacy.

Siri, in a moment of silence, takes the opportunity to say a few words in front of her new neighbors and to thank iPhone SE28, which has accompanied her to the assembly, for all the support and support received during the years in which it was useful to beings. humans.

-See you never! —the latest generation mobile ends with a sneer, while the bitten apple turns its back on the sign surrounded by red and crossed out where it says Microchip de la Frontera.

“That’s what everyone says,” is heard through the headphones of an iPod.

“Until they end up here,” Mr. Camela says, looking at Mr. Caribe Mix. With the amount of boomboxes that we thought to fill in many car trips…