Miculax movie, by Luis Garistú, is already online, February 2022


We tell you that the film Miculax , by Luis Garistú , is already online so you can enjoy this Guatemalan production that is available from January 28, 2022.

Find out the details of the film and the steps you must follow to see it in the comfort of your home, all online.

Miculax movie, by Luis Garistú, available online

Recently, the movie Miculax came to the online catalog so you can watch it from the comfort of your home, on your computer or smartphone, as it was previously only available in theaters.

This Guatemalan production is online on the platform Vívelo! and then we will tell you how to see it in on-demand service.

  • Price: Q 85.00 which includes 12 hours to watch the movie
  • Link to watch the movie : Live it

About the movie Miculax

This suspense and mystery film is based on the true story of the most famous serial killer in Guatemalan history: José María Miculax Bux. This movie will give a new twist to the story, mixing time and space with different events that will make you think from the first minutes. You will not imagine the end!

Miculax movie online Luis Garistu

Description of the photo for visually impaired people: An image of the protagonist of the film. (Credit: Luis Garistú)

About Luis Garistu

The Guatemalan, originally from Cobán , Alta Verapáz, began his artistic career in the world of theater, participating in several Guatemalan productions. Then he undertook the task of producing 2 short films. This served as a push to encourage him to publish his first feature film, where the production lasted more than 2 and a half years.

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