More than two million refugees arrived in Poland from Ukraine


The number of people arriving in Poland from Ukraine, fleeing the Russian invasion, had exceeded two million this Friday at 08:00 GMT, Polish border guards announced.

“Today, March 18, at 0900 (0800 GMT), the number of refugees from Ukraine exceeded two million. They are mostly women with children. Border guards are the first Poles to help them as soon as they cross the border,” the guards said in a statement released on their Twitter account.

If this figure is compared with the total balance of Ukrainian refugees published by the UN, two out of three of them entered Poland. Many, however, try to continue their journey to other European countries further west or to Canada.

In recent days, the Polish authorities recorded a reduction in the number of arrivals.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the total number of refugees fleeing the Russian invasion in Ukraine exceeded 3.1 million people on Thursday.

They are mostly Ukrainian citizens. But some 162,000 people from third countries left the former Soviet republic, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported on Wednesday.