My Hero Academia Summer OVAS Coming to Crunchyroll


As we warm up for the arrival of the fifth season, Crunchyroll announces that the summer OVAS of My Hero Academia They can be seen on the platform with Spanish subtitles this summer.

My Hero Academia HLB

HLB stands for “Baseball Heroes League” – it’s a baseball league founded by professional heroes who love baseball!

It’s game day! The final HLB championship game is between Gang Orca and Shishido’s two rival agencies. They form a team (“Orcas” and “Lions”) to compete. In the world of HLB, there are no rules: wearing your quirks is of course accepted. However, just as the game is about to end, they are interrupted by a villain. Who will be the HLB winner?

Orcas: Gang Orca, Shoji, Jiro, Kaminari, Mineta, Sero, Shiozaki, Shinrin Kamui and Mt. Lady

Lions: Shishido, Ojiro, Sato, Shishida, Shoda, Fat Gum, Kirishima, Amajiki, and Tetsutetsu

laugh! as if you were in hell

Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki participate in an internship with the number 1 hero, Endeavor’s agency.

One of his tasks these days is to find a villain (“Smiley”) who draws doodles in the city. However, since the urgency is so low, they let other pro-heroes solve this case.

One day, Smiley draws a doodle at Endeavor’s house! Furious, Endeavor himself and the 1-A trio set out to find the villain. However, Smiley’s quirk turns out to be somewhat ridiculous but powerful… it’s enough to make anyone who looks into his eyes laugh hysterically!

Could the team capture the villain and stop laughing please?