My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320: Release Date, Raw Scans, When Is It Coming Out?

Hello there manga fans, if you are here then you must be a fan of “My Wife Is A Demon Queen”. Even if you are not, the title is so peculiar that it injects interest into the mind of the reader.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapters 319 has been released for quite some time now, and that has resulted in increased interest in Chapter 320 of My Wife Is A Demon Queen.

This article comprises information that you need to know about chapter 320 of My Wife Is A Demon Queen such as When is it going to release, what to expect from the upcoming chapter, and much more about the same. Scroll down to read all of it.

Xiang Ye is just another ordinary guy living his normal life. He was transported to Xiu Luo plain that has many tribes out of which the human tribe and the demon tribe are the strongest and went to battle a few centuries ago, but now were forced to eventually sign a peace treaty due to their crippled condition because of the war.

Isabella Osa’s assistant Lilian turns up on her and now she has to depend on Xiang Ye a human who is supposed to be the savior of the demon tribe since he bought a ring that’s identical to Isabella’s ring.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 319 Highlights:

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Her majesty who is sitting behind the chambers is told by the dwarf that he was defeated by a human Xiang Ye and Isabella and that Xiang Ye might become the biggest obstacle to her majesty in the future to which her majesty agrees and tells that it was amazing that Isabella can still return to her previous appearance. Everyone is astonished by that and the vice demon queen asks her majesty if Isabella is the former demon queen and her majesty tells her that she doesn’t know her since she was recruited recently.

Her majesty who is revealed to be Lilian-The Demon Queen tells them that she never thought that she could see her again and gets pretty excited about it. The dwarf is surprised that he was defeated by the former Demon Queen and her man to which Lilian tells him that he did a great job and he should and is promoted to the rank of a Pillar. Lilian tells him that she will give her some part of her power.

The dwarf is grateful to her but gets scared after seeing serpent monsters coming his way from Lilian’s palm and asks her if she’s planning on killing him. The monsters then enter the mouth of the scared dwarf and he starts rolling on the floor due to pain and slowly turns into a muscular-looking figure.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320 Release Date:

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My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320 is all set to be released on 28 November 2021. Note it that My Wife Is A Demon Queen releases two chapters every weekend.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320 Countdown

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320 Spoilers:


Since the raw scans for the chapter 320 of My Wife Is A Demon Queen still haven’t been released yet and so, we don’t know exactly what to expect from the show right now except for it to be awesome as hell. So let’s wait for the new chapter together.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Major Characters:

1. Xiang Ye
2. Isabella Osa
3. Tols Rennes
4. Sophisas
5. Tols Angus
6. George Osa

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