Nelson Carreras will represent Guatemala at the Mexico 2022 Academy


The singer Nelson Carreras was chosen as the representative of Guatemala on the Academy Mexico 2022 What a chili! The news was announced on June 1 during the television program Camino a la Fama.

The singer was selected after competing with two finalists from Puerto Barrios and Chiquimulilla. Here we tell you more!

Visually Impaired Photo Description: Nelson Carreras sings during the finalist event. (Credits: Aztec TV)

Representative of Guatemala in the Mexico Academy 2022

Nelson Carreras was elected representative of Guatemala during an event of the program “Camino a la Fama” of Tv Azteca. After performing before the Mexican teachers, Nelson stood out with his musical abilities and could become the next star of the Academy Mexico 2022. During the selection of finalists she competed with Renata Prera ​​from Puerto Barrios, Izabal and Byron Morales from Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa.

Upon hearing the election of the teachers, Carreras hugged his classmates and expressed «Thank you very much to all the people who supported me, thank you Guatemala for trusting me. I promise you that I will do my best and I will give my best.” Nelson’s mentors are the Guatemalan singers Paola Chuc and Dennis Arana, who gave words of encouragement to the representative of our country.

Who is Nelson Carreras?

Nelson David Carreras López is 21 years old, was born in Cuba and has lived in Guatemala City since he was 14 years old with his mother. In his presentations, he has shown that he considers himself Guatemalan, since it is a country that welcomed him. He always had the desire to get involved in music and that is how he participated in the casting of La Academia and will finally represent Guatemala in the 20th edition of this reality show.

The Academy Mexico 2022 It will start on June 12 and figures such as Lolita Cortez, Horacio Villalobos, Arturo López Gavito and Ana Barbara will be part of the panel of judges. Likewise, it was revealed that Adal Ramones will be the host of the television program.

We congratulate Nelson and wish him the best of success!

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