Netflix And Some Top-Notch Movies On It


Some movies give us laughter during times we are thinking too much. Other movies force us to think about things we have never thought of before in times when we are taking life too lightly. In short, there is a very meaningful way in which movies tend to enrich our lives. 

Movies can be watched in multiple ways. You can watch movies playing on television. However, the problem with that is that you cannot choose which movie you want to watch. The best you can do is scroll through all the channels on cable and stick to the movie you most like. And you basically have to start watching the movie in the middle and miss the part at the beginning because well, your turning on a channel is never perfectly timed with the start of a good movie worth watching. Streaming services are a good alternative to watching movies on television. You can decide which movie you want to watch using the brief descriptions written about each title, the recommended list from the streaming service, and the ratings given to each movie. The best part is you can watch it whenever you want wherever you want. All you need is a subscription to a streaming service and quality internet. In the case that you already do not have a top-notch connection, let us recommend that you start paying for one of the Xfinity internet plans. Comcast Xfinity provides speedy and consistent net coverage.

Competitors < Netflix

Once we have assessed that streaming services are much more conducive for the watching of movies compared to cable television, it is now time for us to decipher which streaming service is best. We believe the answer is Netflix. However, as many other renowned streaming services such as  Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Apple TV+ exist, we feel the need to elaborate on the reasons behind why we think that Netflix trumps all. 

There is a multitude of factors behind our claim. The most obvious one is that Netflix has one of the largest movie and television show libraries out of all streaming services. In fact, it might not even be experiencing any competition whatsoever as there are well over four thousand movies and, at the very least, two thousand television shows featured on it. For all practical purposes, you are bound to be able to watch a movie you adore anytime and you do not even have to start from the middle! Alongside, the enormity of the number of titles on Netflix, the streaming service also boasts a large multitude of languages and nationalities. Whether you are in the mood for a Spanish movie or a Hindi movie, Netflix will have it all ready for you. Besides, you would have the option of reading subtitles. Thus, Netflix gives you opportunities to not only learn about different cultures but also helps you master various languages. 

Another advantage of Netflix is that it allows you to stream movies on all kinds of devices, including smart televisions, tablets, laptops, desktops, and phones. Besides, until they know your password, anyone can use your Netflix. There is merely one restriction: the number of people that can use Netflix at the same time from the same account is limited. The most expensive Premium subscription allows for four people to use Netflix simultaneously. The Standard version allows for two. And the least costly, the Basic version, only allows one user at a time. 

Movies On Netflix That You Will Love

365 Days

The 365 Days series of movies has proven to be very popular because of its racy scenes and thought-provoking storylines. Perhaps, this is why both of them are currently showing on Netflix. 365 Days and its sequel 365 Days This Day highlight themes of dominance, love, and the Stockholm Syndrome. 


As we told you earlier, Netflix features a very diverse set of movies from around the world. 83 describes moments relating to India’s victory in the Cricket World Cup in *surprise surprise* 1983. It centers around the leadership skills of captain, Kapil Dev.

Kung Fu Panda

If the 365 Days series is too R-rated for you (if you are under 18, it definitely is!), the Kung Fu Panda series is a great movie series for kids and adults alike as it features comedic and animated films. It consists of Kung Fu Panda 1, 2, and 3. 


For now, this is it. If you are not subscribed to Netflix, we suggest you start using it now because it is simply awesome!