Netflix will release The Tiny World of David the Gnome on October 1


The most recent film based on the original co-production of David the Gnomeclassic series, will come to Netflix the October 1st.

It is a free version of the original story that, in addition to being on TV and DVD by sogoodhas gone through Prime Video.

The Council of the Gnomes has decided to create the order of the Royal Knights of the Environment, with the transcendental mission of ensuring the welfare and protection of living beings. In front of him, David will make exciting trips to the coral reefs, passing through India or the Amazon jungle, where the balance of his ecosystem is in danger due to the interference of the hand of man. Treasure hunters, poachers, or uncontrolled lumberjacks… will be some of the dangers they will have to face. Get closer to know how amazing planet Earth is, and discover how with many small things you can change the world!