New objects, old materials: the best of Estonian sustainable design is in Valencia


The future of the planet depends on the adoption of conscious and sustainable consumption practices. And one of the practices that perhaps has the greatest potential is recycling. As human beings living in a complex society we will continue to have the need to consume and use objects and materials. Therefore, finding a strategy that allows us to minimize discards and maximize the useful life of everything we consume is essential.

From the recognition of these two realities, the Second Chance exhibition was born, which is being exhibited these days at the Palacio de Colomina in Valencia (until May 19) as part of the agenda of Valencia World Design Capital 2022. In the exhibition, organized by the Estonian Designers Association and the Estonian Academy of Arts, you can find the work of more than 20 designers from this country who are committed to recycled materials to create new objects.

Thus, all the objects in the sample seek to give a new life to materials that have already gone through the consumption cycles. The work of designers such as Marit Ilison, Raili Keiv, Eva-Karlotta Tatar or Piret Puppart is committed to a design that recognizes the importance of recycling within the principles of the circular economy. An importance that arises not only from the reuse of materials, but also from the reduction of the enormous volume of waste generated by human activity.

Within Second Chancematerials such as leftover metal ice cream containers, discarded marine rescue equipment, thermal bags, ropes and life jackets find a second chance to be useful.

Among the projects selected by the curator Ilona Gurjanova, there is something for everyone. From the work of the Design and Sustainable Materials Laboratory, directed by the researcher Reet Aus and containing practical examples of circularity of textile waste, to the series of experimental design projects QUICK SILVER, whose aim is to inspire the creation of artistic works from of recycled materials.

Also featured are the Regenerative Textile Design and Repair projects by Marta Moorats and the experimental sustainable tableware designed and prepared by the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts for the Tallinn Fotografiska museum restaurant.

The exhibition Second Chance It will be at the Colomina Palace in Valencia until May 19. This new version lands in the city of the Turia after having passed through other design festivals such as the Tallinn Design Festival or the Venice Biennale.