New spot of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero with Pan and Gohan as protagonists


It will be released in Japan on June 11. Dragon Ball Super: Super Herothe new movie Akira Toriyama Y Toei Animation. New content from the film is revealed every day, either as merchandising or with new interviews and trailers. And for that we are here, to show you the third promotional announcement that has been published in the last hours in which Gohan Y Bread are the great protagonists:

What do you think? Without a doubt, Gohan will take all the spotlight in the film with Piccolo, while Goku Y Vegeta they continue training on the planet of Beerus beside Broli. Do you want to go see it at the cinema? Well, we still don’t have a date, but it will surely be released during the summer thanks to Crunchyroll Y Sony.