Nintendo Switch adds the option to create groups to better organize the catalog


Nintendo Switch players now have the 14.0.0 system software update available, whose great novelty is the option to create groups of programs to have a better organized catalog of games and applications. This is a function similar to folders. However, groups cannot be placed on the home screen, but instead appear in the All Programs section to the right of Home.

To create groups of programs on Nintendo Switch, you must first have downloaded a minimum of 13 titles on the console and have installed the 14.0.0 update. With these requirements met, go to the Home menu, scroll to the far right, select All Programs and press the L button. The first time a folder is created, a pop-up window will be displayed in which you can select the Create option a group. Once the first group is established, press the + button to create another.

After selecting all the games in the group, they can be sorted to the user’s liking and the last step is to name the folder. The screenshot that you have below is the one that Nintendo has used as an example and in it you can see multiple groups of games gathered according to a criterion (Mario titles, Pokémon, Zelda, favorites…). The same program can be in different folders. For more details, you will find a guide on how to create groups of programs in the Nintendo customer service.

A maximum of 100 groups with up to 200 programs each can be created.
The 14.0.0 update for Nintendo Switch includes a second new feature that affects the Bluetooth audio function. It is now possible to adjust the volume of Bluetooth audio devices via the Nintendo Switch or use the volume control on those devices. To use this feature, the peripheral must support the AVRCP profile. In case of using the volume control of the device, this will be reflected in the console. Also, the maximum sound output volume for certain Bluetooth audio devices has been increased.