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No More Heroes 3 will arrive in physical format for PlayStation 5 and X-Box Series X


Marvelous Europe announced today that No More Heroes 3 It will arrive in physical format for PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on October 14th.

That’s right, geeks:No More Heroes 3 is back in better shape than ever, launching on multiple platforms! Our favorite otaku assassin, Travis Touchdown, has been forced to take up arms to defend not only Santa Destroy, but the entire Earth. This time, it won’t be enough to become “Assassin No. 1”, as Travis must face a superhero from outer space in a power struggle of intergalactic proportions. It’s the biggest challenge of his deadly career, but with a vast array of new skills, tools and jobs at his disposal, Travis will prove that he’s more than just a middle-aged loser talking to his cat. He dusts off the Beam Katana and put on the sunglasses, it’s time to assassinate superheroes!

The infamous Prince FU, a self-proclaimed superhero from the far reaches of the galaxy, has come to Earth with the goal of conquering it. To save humanity, our No More Hero must fight his way up the Galactic Super Hero Rankings and defeat FU’s nine alien minions before he can face off against the prince himself.

The PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X physical editions of No More Heroes 3 include a copy of the game with all-new box art by series artist Yusuke Kozaki, 3 art cards, and a double 2-sided poster. with Travis and his trusty Demzamtiger.

About No More Heroes 3:

Legendary assassin Travis Touchdown returns once again to the Garden of Madness! The evil Prince FU, a self-proclaimed superhero from the far reaches of the galaxy, has landed on Earth with his sights set on world conquest. To save humanity, our no-more-hero must fight his way to the top of the galactic superhero ranks, facing off against each of FU’s nine alien minions before he can win a title match against the prince himself.


Forge your galactic legend. As is tradition with No More Heroes, the Galactic Super Hero Ranking is packed with mind-blowing final boss battles bursting with originality. Climb the ranks and prove that you are the fucking master of the universe.
Old dog, new tricks. Travis may be on the brink of a midlife crisis, but he’s still a machine when it comes to splitting faces. He is a genius in all disciplines of combat, from techniques with the Beam Katana to wrestling. He turbocharges the violence with the customizable Death Glove and overwhelms deadly invaders with any combat style you prefer.
Superhero side quests. To fight aliens, funds are needed. He explores Santa Destroy with Travis’s Demzamtiger and takes on odd jobs, from coast guard assignments to bathroom cleaning. Then he hits the road, visits unique locations outside of Santa Destroy like Neo Brazil and Thunderdome, and let the money roll.
Stronger, badass and optimized than ever. Thanks to improved graphics, No More Heroes 3 looks its best to date. Plus, with improved load times and controls, you’ll soon be dishing out shit left and right in a game that’s as visually stunning as it is ultraviolent.