Now available Gran Turismo 7, a delivery that returns the saga to its origins


Two weeks after Horizon Forbidden West, PS4 and PS5 players receive Gran Turismo 7, the new installment of a historic driving franchise that has visited all Sony home consoles throughout its 25-year history. The Polyphony Digital title goes on sale today to the acclaim of critics, who have given it an average score of 87 on Metacritic and 88 on OpenCritic.

Gran Turismo 7 has a traditional approach and that means that it brings back the campaign, a mode that has been missed by the players of the saga who were not convinced by Gran Turismo Sport. The last classic installment in the series was Gran Turismo 6 (2013). The Gran Turismo 7 campaign takes place on a world map in the form of an automotive hub, a base from which players can enjoy the life of the engine and which will also serve as a menu to access the various features of the game.

“In this world, the first thing players will do is buy a compact car with their first few credits,” explains Polyphony Digital. “From there, they will participate in races and other events to acquire faster cars as rewards, or adjust and improve the ones they already have to increase their speed as they progress through the game. By using the Garage as a base of operations to store earned cars and make adjustments, players will be able to venture into the automotive hub and discover a world of their own.”

From day one Gran Turismo 7 offers more than 400 cars belonging to more than 60 brands from all over the world, and more will be added in future updates. Races, events and challenges take place in 34 locations with 97 courses. As tradition dictates in the saga, the tracks include the usual mixture of real circuits and original layouts, all of them with variable time of day and weather conditions. As with cars, new tracks will be added as time goes on.

One of the key experiences in Gran Turismo 7 is the cafeteria, which is described as “a place to discover motorsport history and culture”. In the Cafeteria, players will receive Menu Books with various quests to guide them through the many sections of the Auto Center. Two other options offered by the game are World Circuits, from where you can access the different tracks included in Gran Turismo 7, and the License and Missions Center, a classic that comes to be a driving school.

Finally, mention the multiplayer mode, the introduction of a physics simulation model and the use of the DualSense controller, whose haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will transmit different situations to the players according to the situation of the tires and the road surface.