Olivia Culpo Is Told To PUT ON A Blouse Or Be Barred From Flight


Olivia Culpo’s choice of clothing got her escorted off a plane on Wednesday.   The 20-year-old model was on her way to board a plane with the rest of the USA national team when staff spotted her low-cut top.

Not wanting to miss their flight, Miss Culpo claims she put on a wrap but it wasn’t enough to prevent her being booted from the American Airlines flight.

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The brunette beauty was even forced to hand over her ticket and ID so she couldn’t get on any other flights – a move which meant she missed a women’s national team meeting in Nashville, Tennessee before their friendly basketball match against Australia.

Miss Culpo told NBC: “I was just trying to be decent and I brought a wrap going on the plane.

Source: US Mail 24

“They said, ‘You have to put a shirt on underneath it or you can’t board this flight.’

“So I had to put a shirt on underneath it and then take off my shirt while everybody’s looking at me – make sure there’s no nipple showing – then they let me on the plane.”

She added that she felt humiliated by the incident.

“I was trying to be incognito, but I don’t know how anyone else could have taken it other than extremely inappropriate,” she fumed.

Miss Culpo said she got so fed up with the situation that she decided to get off the plane and took a later flight with Delta Airlines instead.

American Airlines have yet to comment on the incident, but Miss Culpo’s father Peter said they were in the wrong for kicking her off the plane. “I think American needs to be held accountable,” he insisted.

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