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One-Piece chapter 1020 spoilers and release date are finally out now, Scroll down to know all about one piece chapter 1020 release date and spoilers.

The plot revolves around Monkey D. Luffy. He has set out in search of a treasure called One Piece. During his journey to find a piece, he makes new friends. Recruits new pirates etc. His goal is to find a piece (Tracer) and become the king of the pirates. His crew of pirates is called the “Straw Hat Pirates”.

Also, in the fight between Rani and Sanji, Sanji wonders how happy he would have been if he had got Rani’s technique. Zoro waits for Mink to recover by himself. Sasaki and Frankie are fighting in the tower. Frankie admits that Sasaki is a tough enemy. The fight continues. On the roof of the Skull Dome, Kaido plans to join the Beast’s army. He would be a worthy addition.

What Happen In One Piece Chapter 1019?

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Briefly, Chapter 1019 consists of four parts. First, there was a fight between Sanji and Rani, then Luffy woke up. After that, we saw how Zorro was being medically treated, and then we moved on to Frankie vs. Sasaki. Frankie has met a worthy opponent on this battlefield. We finally reach the moment when Yamato challenges Kaido to a duel.

Here too Kaido reveals that Yamato ate a demonic fruit that he should not have eaten. it’s his fault. To which she replies that she was hungry and did not think much before eating.

One Piece Chapter 1020 Release Date:

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One Piece Chapter 1020 is set to be released on 1 August 2020. You can watch it officially on the VIZ platform.

One Piece Chapter 1020 Spoilers:

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to see a fight between Black Maria and Robin. The chapter will begin from where Robin will see the illusion. Also, the archaeologist wouldn’t even know what he was seeing? Nevertheless, she comes forward to attack but surprisingly, the confusion turns into Black Maria’s subordinates.

Later, you’ll find that Black Maria will have a survival weapon named Vanudo, who has already eaten the Smile Devil Fruit. Also, Brooke will attack Vanyudo with the help of Cold Soul. Black Maria starts laughing seeing that Sanji is asking for help and is crying. With all this, the fight will go on and on and we don’t want to spoil your suspense related to the story.

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