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One Piece Chapter 1018 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about One Piece Chapter 1018 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap chapter 1017, And More.

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Recently, its chapter 1017 was released and was truly appreciated by all its fans. Now, most of the manga enthusiastic have curiously wanted to know when the One Piece Chapter 1018 Release Date, Time, cast, and other such similar details.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Release Date And Time:

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According to a report by, One Piece Chapter 1018 is expected to release on July 4, 2021. The timings for the same have not been confirmed yet as of now.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Countdown:

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One Piece Chapter 1017 Highlights:

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one piece 1018 spoilers and release date

Kaido and Yamato advance to the roof and powerful blows and words. Kaido evolved into his monstrous form while making his way to the rooftop and uses his hybrid form. Yamato told Kaido that she would be free to sail to sea with Luffy when they defeat him. But before that, they get Kaidokicked out of Wanokuni. Kaido gets furious and warns Yamato he coming at full force without holding. Yamato replies to Kaido that Luffy will appear at any moment and stay alive until Luffy returns.


The two unleashed two powerful Haki and continue battling. Zeus has earned himself a ticket to become a new member of the Straw Hats after allying with Nami and defeat Ulti. The balance gets maintained during the battle; from the latest chapter, Queen and Sanji continue with their one-one combat while the Rumble ball that Chopper created started to show changes. Zoro is still recovering from the injuries he sustained fighting with Kaido.

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One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers:

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On the cover, Ulti and Page One are in a room full of dinosaur plush toys. The toys represent all Akuma no Mi from Beast Pirates (dragon, Pteranodon, Brachiosaurus, Mammoth…). Ulti removes Page One’s hat while he’s reading a dinosaur book.

The chapter starts in the “Live Floor”. Around 300 Gifters and Shinuchi have betrayed Kaidou. We can see some Shinuchi like Hamlet attacking some Kaidou’s subordinates.

Some of Kaidou’s men are now targeting Tama since they realized it’s her power that caused this. Nami and Usopp (with Tama in his arms) try to escape but when Kaidou’s men almost reach them, Daifugou appears and beats them.

Speed arrives too to protect Tama. Name and Tama ride Speed while Usopp runs behind them asking to let him ride Speed too. Gazelleman then comes too and tells Tama that they will take care of Komachiyo. Usopp complements that Tama’s power is awesome because normally you wouldn’t be able to make friends on a battlefield.

Zeus appears and asks Nami if he can be her servant again. Nami says she’d prefer “partner”. This boosts Zeus’ morale so much, so he starts attacking Kaidou’s men and clears their path. Usopp comments how Nami has an awesome ability as well.

Cut to CP-0. It seems some of the Gifters’ subordinates have betrayed Kaidou along with them as well. So now the difference between the 2 armies is 16,000 members in Kaidou’s side Vs. 9,000 members in samurai’s side.

The big member of CP-0 says he doesn’t really care who will win. However, they should make sure “that guy” (Who’s Who) is dead. CP-0 member with smiling mask says that the Government’s confidential information that Who’s Who possesses is very old and there’s no damage to the Government if the information gets leaked anyway. But the other CP-0 member replies that leaving Government’s prisoner alive would set a bad example. CP-0 with a smiling mask finishes the conversation.

CP-0 with a smiling mask: “Let’s see if he’ll make it out of this alive. His opponent is that Jinbe after all…”

Cut to 4th floor, Who’s Who Vs. Jinbei. Who’s Who uses “Geppou” to jump into the air. Jinbe asks him if the reason he has grudge against Luffy is that he ate the “Gomu Gomu no Mi”. Who’s Who replies that he has grudge against “Akagami Shanks” who took the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” from him.

Then Who’s Who shoots a “Gagan” to Jinbe. He blocks it with Armament Haki but the attack damages Jinbe in his arm. Who’s Who continues talking. He says Luffy inherits both the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” and the straw hat from Shanks, so naturally, he’d want Luffy dead too. Who’s Who shoots now a rain of “Gagan” down at Jinbe. He manages to dodge the Who’s Who attack while all “Gagan” arrives on the 3rd floor.

Who’s Who comments how it was wise of Jinbe to dodge the attack, since normal Armament Haki wouldn’t stand a chance. He also comments how Jinbe moves really fast on land despite being a Gyojin. Jinbe replies to him.

Jinbei: “How boring…! In this day and age, you should stop with Gyojin discrimination already!!”

Who’s Who then uses “Tekkai” and attack him with his “Kibasen” (Fang Flash), clashing with Jinbe that uses Armament Haki in his arms. However, Who’s Who attack is very strong and moves Jinbe some meters.

But Jinbei uses a new attack called “Gyojin Juujutsu: Hikishio Ipponzeoi” (Fish-Man Jujutsu: Ebb Tide Overhead Throw) to throw him to the ground. Who’s Who is bleeding from his mounth. Jinbe uses “Uchimizu” (Water Shot) but Who’s Who uses “Soru” to jump on a pillar.

Batlle stops, becouse Who’s Who has something he wants to asks Jinbe. When Who’s Who was imprisoned and tortured, a guard told him to pray to the “God of Sun Nika”. It is say that “Nika” is a legendary warrior who can make people smile and release them from their pain, and that one day he would come to liberate all slaves in the world. We can see “Nika” shape (korean leaker did a great job with his picture).

Who’s Who attacks Jinbe again while he continues talking. Who’s Who said that during tortures, he started praying to “Nika” since he just wanted someone to saved him altho he didn’t know if “Nika” was real or just a myth.

Jinbe asks why Who’s Who is telling him about this stuff. Who’s Who says that you, “Sun Pirates”, are former slaves, and the history of Gyojin is a history of slavery. So surely they must know something about “Nika”.

Who’s Who then attacks Jinbe with “Shigan: Madara” (the same attack Lucci used with Luffy). Jinbe blocks the attack with Armament Haki in all his body but he’s being pushed back by the attack. Who’s Who subordinates start cheering him, saying how their Tobiroppo is even stronger than the former Shichibukai.

Who’s Who continues talking. He says that the next day, the guard who told him about “Nika” disappeared. Who’s Who knew the next one to be “erased” would be him, so he broke out of prison. He is wondering why it is forbidden to even know or talk about “Nika”.

Jinbe is enraged at Who’s Who’s words. Suddenly, Who’s Who finger breaks upon contact with Jinbe. As Who’s Who screams in pain, Jinbe grabs both of his wrists and breaks them with the attack “Gyojin Karate: Soshaku” (Shark Grip, the same attack Hody Jones used in Gyojin Island). Who’s Who uses “Rankyaku”in Jinbe’s face but he withstands it without problems.

Who’s Who shoots a “Gagan” again but Jinbe simply withstands it with his body again. Who’s Who is shocked and tries to jump away, but he falls over and realize that Jinbe is stepping on his tail.

Jinbe: “If you want to talk about someone else’s history… then you better not come with half-ass resolution!! “Gyojin Karate Ougi: Oni Gawara Sei Ken” (Gyojin Karate Secret Technique: Demon Tile Fist)!!!”

Jinbe’s punch hits Who’s Who in the face and seemingly defeated him. All pillars in the floor collapse due to shockwave from Jinbe’s attack…

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Where To Read One Piece?

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We do not recommend you to read any manga on any fake website as it can mislead you from the original storyline. You can read it on Mangaplus and viz media. You can read all the latest chapters there.

One Piece Characters:

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one piece 1018 spoilers and release date

  • Monkey D. Luffy is the main character who is easily amazed by the simplest things.
  • Roronoa Zoro or Pirate Hunter and the first to join Monkey D. Luffy.
  • Usopp is the son of Yasopp and Banchina.
  • Vinsmoke Sanji is a professional simp.
  • Nami is the one who has cartographical, meteorological, and navigational skills.
  • Kozuki Oden is the son of the former Shogun of Wano Country.

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