One Piece Gold premieres for rent and purchase on Apple TV


One Piece Goldanime film edited by Select Vision arrives at AppleTV for rent (€3.99) and purchase at (€5.99) through the platform.

Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates arrive at the ship of Gran Tesoro, a huge and luxurious ship, recognized as an independent country, which contains the largest entertainment city in the world and which is governed by the ambitious and powerful Gildo Tesoro.

Thirteenth film based on the popular anime One Piece, inspired by the manga of the same title, this new adventure full of action, fantasy and humor was nominated for best animated film by the Japanese Film Academy in 2017. This story, in The one that the balance of power relationships around the world will depend on the Straw Hat Pirates, would be framed chronologically between the plot arcs of the series dedicated to Dressrosa and Zou.