Paradox is taking over the World of Darkness. What does this mean for fans?


Quite unexpectedly, the breaking news hit. Paradox, a well-known developer and publisher of video games, purchased the White Wolf publishing house from CCP, the creators of EVE Online. Has fate finally smiled at the fans of the World of Darkness waiting for decent video titles in their favorite, gothic universe?

I have already written once that the World of Darkness has not been lucky so far to adapt to the language of video games. Only Vampire the Masquarade: Bloodlines by the unforgettable Troika Games studio was the only one who managed to gain the status of a cult game and it is asking for a remake or continuation. From the World of Darkness MMO wheel, the ambitious project of EVE Online devs, despite 9 years of production, did not even enter the alpha phase.

Now, however, after Paradox Interactive takes over the license, the bad streak has a chance to change. What do we already know, what to expect and what are our hopes?

An uninterrupted stream of textbooks

The new owners emphasize that the role-playing games published by White Wolf are the second best-selling after Dungeons & Dragons. It can be understood that such potential will not be wasted by continuing the publishing lines and remaining in line with the expectations of the fans. It is not known, however, whether the rights to publish them will still be held by Onyx Path, or whether they will return directly to White Wolf / Paradox.

Original games of the new owner

Until now, Paradox has been known rather for publishing strategy games for hardcore players. Their long list of releases includes such titles as Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings. They managed to break into the mainstream in recent years thanks to the release of Cities: Skylines and Pilars of Eternity by Obsidian.

Personally speaking to me is the idea of ​​giving the cRPG license to the Obsidian studio in the World of Darkness.

So far we know that a special team will be appointed to work on “many digital titles”, separate from other production branches. Paradox developers have a lot to choose from, because with the acquisition of the rights to White Wolf, they received everything that was created for the games not released by the previous owner (which means, among others, all the assets to the World of Darkness MMO). What will come of this? It’s hard to say, but some people are already throwing ideas. Personally speaking to me is the idea of ​​giving the cRPG license to the Obsidian studio in the World of Darkness.

The community and modders are already rubbing their hands

Most of the Paradox games enjoy the unflagging support of the modding community. As befits real PC titles, there are a lot of people willing to modify the content of the game and add completely new elements. Until now, the work of fans on games from the World of Darkness universe has been rather throttled in the bud, as in the case of a fan remake of Bloodlines.

Under new wings, this situation could turn 180 degrees. Already now representatives of Paradox emphasize that so far the fan community has been neglected and is now about to change. So I think the fans will really enjoy it.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait.

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The title artwork is by Erling Sævarsson, concept artist for World of Darkness MMO.