Phantom Breaker: Omnia, history, fight and much more


After the delay we finally have available Phantom Breaker: Omnia for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, X-Box One and PC. the editor Rocket Panda Games and the developer MAGES They have finally launched the game and it arrives loaded with content and many new features regarding the saga.

phantom breaker is an anime fighting franchise developed by MAGESoriginally for Xbox 360 on 2011then arcade in 2013, and slightly updated it came to PlayStation 3 that same year.

MAGES is a name closely linked to visual novels, such as Science Adventure games like Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes. These games are not fighting games, but two characters from those games appeared in the cast of this new installment.

The truth is that thanks to Rocket Panda Games thought that an updated relaunch in 2022a good time to bring it to current consoles under the name of Phantom Breaker Omnia and finally reach the West.

What is it about?

An evil named Phantom gives super powers to a group of random people and organizes a series of duels throughout the city between them to open a kind of breach between the dimensions to take control or destroy the world. he manipulates vulnerable teenagers into fighting each other using mystical weapons that give them unparalleled strength called ‘Fu-mension Artifacts’. In return, he promises to grant them their fondest wish if they survive. These artifacts are what will open the breach, break the seal, unleash Phantom’s destructive powers.

We will play through stories of individual characters in which your character meets others, fights, moves on to an end depending on each character, since the story mode offers a different combative development depending on who you choose, with fragments of visual novel and with texts in Spanish among other languages. The dubbing can also be selected in Japanese or English.

The opening songs and credits are also dubbed and they are fantastic, you start as if you are entering an anime series. There are also tons of new images and art that look great. The entire soundtrack, which was already very good, has been remixed, so now it’s even better than in previous installments, loaded with content to enjoy. We also have the solo or company fighting modes if you just want to get right into the action.

accessible to all

In addition to being fully translated into Spanish, the game at the time of the fight is quite simple and comfortable to handle, 4 buttons with light, medium, heavy and special attacks, with a meter that is used to perform one more special attack. powerful, a super movement, an emergency explosion or clock up, so getting the game will not be complicated and will allow us to advance in the fighting strategies and in the great story and art that surrounds the title.

There are three fighting styles: Fast, Hard, and Omnia. The former lowers your stats and allows for easier combos, the hard one makes moves deal more damage and sometimes grants additional super armor, but leaves you more defenseless after attacks. On the other hand, Omnia is a mix that prevents you from using more technical mechanics, for a power boost.

Includes all characters from Phantom Breaker: Bonusas Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gateplus two new characters created specifically for Phantom Breaker: Omnia.

The animations take us back to games of yesteryear with that nostalgia of arcade fighting games with anime characters. The fighting system Phantom Breaker: Omnia has been overhauled and fine-tuned so you can pull off amazing combos and special attacks with more ease than ever.

Hone your skills in Tutorial and Training modes, and then continue the fight in Story Mode, where you can take each character’s point of view and learn what their greatest wishes are.

The edition

The game is available digitally from March, 15th and Limited Run Games distributes simple editions and physical collectors. These last ones are impressive, with a soundtrack CD, enamel pins, art book, acrylic stand and a M’s Bunny plush.

In conclusion

Without a doubt, those of us who have enjoyed the visuals of MAGESand from the fighting games of yesteryear, full of anime we have, thanks to Rocket Panda Games a game full of interesting stories, fights and a lot of variety of content and on top of that it comes to us translated into Spanish and updated, finally in the West. We are playing it and we assure you that we still have many hours to play and things to discover. Worth!