Poland refuses to play World Cup qualification match against Russia (Polish Federation)


Poland “does not plan to play the qualification match” for the World Cup against Russia, scheduled for March 24 in Moscow, the president of the Polish Federation announced on Twitter on Saturday.

“Enough talk, it’s time to act. Due to the escalation of aggression of … Russia in Ukraine, the Polish team does not plan to play the qualification match against the Russian team,” Cezary Kulesza said, adding that “this is the only correct decision and that he is in communication with the football federations of Sweden and the Czech Republic to present a common position to FIFA.

Sweden and the Czech Republic may also have to travel to Moscow on March 29 for the play-off final if Russia qualify against Poland on 24th.

On Friday, the sports world imposed several sanctions against Russia, following the invasion of Ukraine, withdrawing the venue for the final of the soccer Champions League from St. Petersburg and canceling the F1 Grand Prix that was to be held in Sochi in September.