Police raid in Germany against the neo-Nazi movement


Four suspected members of a “far-right terrorist organization” suspected of violence and conducting combat training were arrested Wednesday in Germany in an operation against the neo-Nazi movement, the federal prosecutor announced.

An operation of 800 troops carried out some 60 searches in eleven regions of the country in an investigation against 46 people, the justice said in a statement.

The head of the group called “Knockout 51”, Leon R., and three other members are suspected of having organized in Eisenach, in the region of Thuringia (centre), “street combat training for young people sympathetic to nationalist ideas” who were “indoctrinated” to form an “extremist combat group,” the prosecution said.

The group “tried to establish” a “Nazi neighborhood” in Eisenach by carrying out street patrols since mid-2021 with the aim of “establishing themselves as forces of order”.

The four men injured several people on these patrols, some seriously. Members of his group also clashed with security forces and protesters at anti-Covid demonstrations between August 2020 and March 2021, prosecutors said.

After several deadly attacks, the threat of far-right attacks has outweighed the risk of jihadist attacks in Germany. The country has also seen an increase in anti-Semitic attacks.