Presentation of Nelson Carreras in the semifinals of La Academia 2022


That pride! The Guatemalan Nelson Carreras had an exceptional presentation during the two days of concert of the The Academy 2022 semi-final. During this Mexican show, the Guatemalan performed various ballads and also won direct access to the final thanks to the audience’s vote.

“Being the finalist feels like a huge dream that I never thought could be achieved, here I am and I am the first finalist” Nelson mentioned during the show.

Find out what songs he sang Nelson Careers at The Academy!

The 2022 Academy: Presentation of Nelson Carreras in the semifinals

On Saturday, August 7 and Sunday, August 8, 2022, the semifinals of the famous Mexican television program were broadcast. Nelson Carreras shone thanks to the interpretation of various songs that gave him a direct pass to the final, thus becoming the first finalist of The Academy 2022.

On Saturday, August 7, Nelson opened the concert with the Honduran Cecia and they performed the song “Fuiste Tu” by Ricardo Arjona with Gaby Moreno. Thanks to his talent, Nelson won the challenge moving on to the next stage.

In addition, he performed the songs “Here I am” and “What was not will be”. Due to the votes of the public, Nelson became the first finalist of The Academy.

Semi final of La Academia: Presentation of Nelson Carreras on Sunday

The presentation of Nelson Carreras in the semi-finals of The Academy 2022 continued this Sunday, August 7. During this concert Nelson sang with Ana Bárbara and also performed the famous song by Alejandro Sanz «Amiga Mia»

The judges highlighted the great artist that Nelson Carreras has become, thanking the audience for voting for the Guatemalan. «What this young man brings to the stage is joy, it is peace, hope and happiness. He knows the cost of victory is discipline and perseverance and that is why he is the first semifinalist »Arturo López Gavito pointed out.

In addition, Ana Bárbara invited Nelson to accompany her at her concert that will take place in Guatemala.

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: Performance by Nelson Carreras with Ana Bárbara at La Academia 2022. (Credits: La Academia)

During this edition of La Academia, the Guatemalan representative He has been highlighted thanks to his dancing and acting skills. In addition, being a contestant who has made the most of his career on the program. Congratulations Nelson for being in the final of The Academy!

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