PUBG – New State Release Date, Trailer, New features!!


Today we will show you everything we know about the upcoming PUBG – New State, also known as PUBG Mobile 2, we will go over a lot of things like graphics, release date, and pre-registration.

1.About PUBG- New State

  • PUBG- New State is a futuristic 100 player battle royal mobile game, sets in the year 2051.
  • As it is set in a post-apocalyptic future, we can expect a lot of futuristic items from the game, such as new guns, vehicles, melee weapons, and tactical equipment.

2.Is PUBG Getting A New Map?

PUBG - New State : Map

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  • The first map will most likely be a map called Troi, It will be an 8*8 Km long map.
  • There will be 100 players for the classic games and in arcade mode as well.
  • The blue zone will be much faster than that of PUBG Mobile.
  • So it will be necessary for you to loot guns, vehicles faster and improve your tactics.

3.Custom Weapons

  • Players now can customize their guns in-game.
  • We are not too sure about what this update means, But guesses say that players will have a preset gun before entering the match and can customize the attachments of the gun while playing the game.

4.Huge Graphics ImprovementPUBG - New State : Graphics

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  • Graphics will look a lot more realistic because of the implementation of global illumination technology.
  • you can expect next-generation mobile gaming to push the limits of mobile gaming as we know it so far.
  • Now, it doesn’t mean that PUBG – New state will not work on low-end devices, with some optimization updates it will be giving a much better experience for any device.

5.Combat Roles

  • Now, you can pick a role that you would like to enter the match with, and depending on the role you selected you will get different types of gadgets and abilities.
  • Just like Valorant that you can use throughout the game.
  • It is said that one of the combat roles has the ability to fly a drone this will certainly change the dynamic of the game and will force the player to think about their combat role.

6.How To Download PUBG – New State And All About  Release Date?

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As Pubg’s new state will be available for both IOS and Android devices so it will be released on Google Play for Android devices and later on the apple store for ios devices.

Android users can Now pre-register the game from Google play, Those who are from outside of India will be able to pre-order Pubg new state and will receive exclusive benefits like a limited vehicle skin. Krafton could solicit community help to trial the sport sometime within the future. it’s common for developers to trial run a game rigorously before a public release. 

The expected release date for Pubg- New State is the 1st week of April 2021. if there will be any further update we will surely update you.

7.Is PUBG- New State Developed By Chinese Company?

  • No, Firstly, Pubg’s new state is being developed by Krafton Inc. which is a South Korean video game holding company.
  • It increases the possibilities for Pubg new state to get released in India.
  • As it is not developed by a china based video gaming company.

8.PUBG – New State Trailer

In conclusion, We hope now you know everything you need to know about Pubg – new state

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