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Re-Main Episode 3 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Re-Main Episode 3  Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap Re-Main Episode 2, And more.

Re-Main is an original Japanese anime series by MPPA directed by Kiyoshi Matsuda and written by Masafumi Nishida. This anime is mainly focused on sports ( water polo ). It is school-based anime where the main character lost his memories and then he tries to catch them up. it a story full of suspense, mystery, and tragedy. It should be premiered on the TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation.

Previously On Re-Main Episode 2 

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This episode is titled ‘ I’m No Prodigy ” Chinu is disappointed in Minato for quitting up the spot Minato gave an explanation that he can’t remember the rules. Chinu said it means she won the bet. After a while, Etaro met jo Jojima, who Minato thought was dumb from high school Etaro answered that Minato is not playing, and jo think why not minato playing up. Jo Jojima is disappointed in Minato as he looked up to him as a star hope.

Etaro reveals that Minato is steeping back for good minato dashed towards the two and claims that he will join the Waterpolo club he also signed the club enrolment form. He realizes that bet is still on and by chance if e quits he need to pay 1,10,000 with interest. Minato was reminded by Chinu about the part that he is japan’s best in high school, she will date him. 

Re-Main Episode 3 Release Date:

re-main episode 3 release date

The release date for this amazing anime will be on 25 July 2021. You can watch this on the online platform Crunchyroll, Aniplus, and Funimation. there will be no duplicate on these platforms it will be the real updates.

Re-Main Episode 3 Countdown:

Re-Main Episode 3 Spoilers:

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re-main episode 3 release date

The title for this new upcoming anime episode is ‘But it’s Crazy‘.In his episode, you will try o recruit Shugo Amihama who is a former swimmer who is more likely to join the track team. Minato will run into the other member of the Elite Four. 

Re-Main Characters:

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  • Minato Kiyoumizu
  • Etaro Oka 
  • Jo Jojima 
  • Chinu Kawakubo
  • Shugo Amihama
  • Takekazu Ejiri
  • Yutaka Babayaro Inomata 
  • Yoshiharu Ushimado

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