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Red Shoes Episode 38 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Red Shoes Episode 38, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap of Red Shoes Episode 37, And More.

The red shoe show is based on the revenge of Kim Jin Ah or Ki Ratna Ma. that Jin Ah’s mother, Min-hee Kyung, had abandoned her family when Kim Jin Ah was a young child.

After that, both the father and brother of Kim Jin Ah died untimely. The revenge that Kim Jem Ma took was that when his brother was ill, his mother didn’t help him, even though Kim Jem Ma had begged him to. Now, Kim is planning a brilliant way to bring down her devious mother.

Red Shoes Episode 38 is also titled “No Blood, No Tears”. The play is based on the vengeance of Jin Zenya or Kizenma. That Jin Ah’s mother, Min-hee Kyung left her family when Kim Jin Ah was a child. After that, Jin Zhenya’s father and younger brother both died in their youth.

The reason why Jin Jin’s mother sought revenge was that when his brother was ill, even though Jin Jin’s mother begged him, his mother did not help him. Now, Kim is planning some great ways to defeat her cunning mother, Jem Ma.

Red Shoes Episode 38 Release Date:

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Red Soz Episode 38 will release on 9th September 2021, which is this Thursday. Those interested in the play can watch it on the Rakuten Wiki.

Red Shoes Episode 38 Countdown:

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Episodes of the drama talk about why Kim Jem wants to take revenge on Ma Min-hee Kyung. It also reveals how she would like to take revenge on her inhuman mother.

Will Kim Jem Ma be able to prove her innocence and win back Kwon Hyuk Sang’s trust? This is the reason why fans are excited to watch episode 38 of Red Shoes. Also, the original broadcast network for this amazing drama is KBS2. Also, fans are appreciating the production company for the wonderful work of OH Story.

Previously On Red Shoes Episode 38 :Red Shoes Episode 38 Spoiler Review Release Date Cast Crew Story And Watch Online

The previous episodes of the revenge drama Red Shoes were filled with a lot of plot twists. Each episode reveals a new mystery and offers a new plot twist. Plus, fans were again reminded how selfish Min-hee Kyung was when she cared little that her ex-husband was the victim of Kwon Hyuk Sang’s hit-and-run affair.

In addition, Kwon Hye Bin Kim visits Jem Ma’s house with the intention of finding out more about him.

Red Shoes Characters:

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The following list shows you the cast of the series

  • Choi Myung Gil as Min-Hee Kyeong
  • So Yi Hyun as Kim Jem Ma
  • Park Yoon Jae as Yoon Gi Seok
  • Shin Jung Min as Kwon Hye Bin
  • Yang Geum Seok as Lee Kyung He
  • Kim Kwang Young as So Tae Gil
  • Ha Eun Jin as Jung Yoo Kyung
  • Sunwoo Jae Duk as Kwon Hyunk
  • Choi Yeong Wasn as Kwon Soo Yeon
  • Ban Hyo Jung as Choi Sook Ja
  • Kim Kyu Chul
  • Park Cahn Hwan as Mi Jeong
  • Kim Ri Won as Ye Won

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