Ricardo Arjona announced second concert date in Guatemala, in 2022


Good news! Ricardo Arjona announced that there will be second concert date in Guatemala for him 2022Surely many of his followers were waiting for this news.

Below we will tell you the details, since the emotion grows because it is a highly anticipated concert in Guatemala.

Ricardo Arjona announced second concert date in Guatemala

After the tickets sold out on July 8, the day the pre-sale of tickets went out, in record time, the news of the new date makes Guatemalan fans happy.

Now, they made the announcement of the new date, for a second concert by Arjona in the country. This was made official on the artist’s social networks.

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: In the image Ricardo Arjona in concert. (Credit: Ricardo Arjona)

Tickets sold out for Arjona’s first concert in Guatemala

The day the pre-sale of tickets began, for the concert on November 12, 2022, these were exhausted within a few hours.

Arjona thanked the people and prepared everyone for another night of music: Because the people asked for it, we will have a second performance on November 13.

The Guatemalan singer-songwriter has been one of the country’s favorites and, without a doubt, his Black and White Tour It is one of the most anticipated, which is why every time he announces a new concert, tickets are immediately sold out.

This is how you can buy pre-sale tickets:

Mundo Arjona, on July 19 from 9:00 a.m. Todoticket (Bac Credomatic), on July 20 from 10:00 a.m.

The Black and White Tour It has been a complete success in other countries and Ricardo knows that in his country it will be more than special. Well, everyone is waiting for songs like From Illusion to Fear, You will survive, She Dances Alone, The Love she had for me and The Crush and the Sequelamong other hits.

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