Robotech and its movies arrive on Crunchyroll, although only with English dubbing


Crunchyroll debuts in its catalog and his two subsequent films with English dubbing. It is the assembly of the three series: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross Y Genesis Climber Mospeadawhich were brought together for US broadcast as a single series.

This montage was one of the first anime series to be broadcast in Spain in Telecinco with Latin dubbing.

many years later, Currency Home Video recovered the complete series (the 3 series) to launch them in fortnightly volumes on DVD and, completing the entire collection, gave away three digipacks with the original Japanese series with Spanish subtitles.

Later the series was reissued in a packm without the possibility of obtaining those digipacks and I have edited the first film both on Blu-ray and on DVD, but not the second unreleased in Spain to date.

After an alien ship crash lands on Earth, mankind must use the secrets of Robotechnology if they are to survive an endless intergalactic war.