Rune Factory 5, we return to the runes with role, simulation and agricultural adventures


We are finally in a new totally new installment, after Rune Factory 4 Special for Switchwe already have available Rune Factory 5which finally arrives in Spain, after its launch months ago in Japan, distributed by Meridiem Games.

After the fourth installment and the bankruptcy of Neverland Co., Marvelous AQL signed a part of the team that was after the game, counting on Yoshifumi Hashimoto, forming Hakamawho are the creators of the Special and this totally new installment.

Regardless of the legal entanglement, which we all already know from the sagas Story of Seasons and Harvest Moonalma mater of the idea from which the saga was derived RuneFactorywhich took off from them from its second installment, the simulation system is linked to both, so whether you know them or not, you already know what you’re going to face from the start.

In this new installment, the story located in a management and simulation of farm care, which is combined with RPG, is refined and loaded with novelties.

The history

After losing our memory, as the protagonist we appear in a small town surrounded by nature. There they will ask us to join a group of forest guards dedicated to maintaining order, and thus a new life will begin.

In addition to our normal tasks, we will be able to cultivate the land, fish in the river near the town and do many other things. Help the villagers fight monsters by launching powerful combination attacks (one of the new additions to this title in the series).

We must also forge our friendships with very well-defined characters, and even achieve love, regardless of their sex.

A free approach, at your own pace dedicating yourself to what you like the most

After the first hours of the game, more directed, worked as a tutorial where we are presented with the possibilities of action, as well as meeting the characters of the story, the game opens up to a freedom in which we are going to decide what do. For example, there are levels for crafts, cooking, creating resources… combined with combat, but not only that, love relationships, friendships and business will also play a very important part in the development of the game.

It is a simple handling that you do easily, the attack combos do not present a great complexity, you can even be accompanied by other characters to help you, we also have dungeons, puzzles and even walking or sleeping will influence our character level .

Tame monsters or explore a huge world in the company of the locals; defending the border and serving your community, keeping order as a forest guard, launching powerful unique combination attacks alongside your companions, farming the fields and finding friendship and love, and raising a family with a diverse cast of characters are many of the tasks in which we are going to find ourselves immersed in the adventure. Every day there is a new activity or event to discover.

The game has managed to collect and integrate the improvements of Rune Factoy 4 Special, which also compensates those who have it. We’ll see some familiar faces and costumes, as all players will receive outfits based on the characters Aden and Sonja from Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny automatically in your game. Additionally, players with save data from Rune Factory 4 Special on the Switch unlock additional DLC outfits and see some familiar faces from Rune Factory 4 Special appear in your city.

Its characters, well detailed within this anime aesthetic and represent a leap from Rune Factory 4 Specialsince we are not dealing with a conversion of a game designed for portables, it is a totally new adventure.

The edition

The game comes with two editions, the simple and the collector. The latter is a wonder loaded with content.

The limited edition includes a custom outer box with artwork by the series’ illustrator Minako Iwasakia steel book case exclusive, a art book with over 70 pages of game illustrations and assorted artwork. A CD of the soundtrack “Melodies of Norad” consisting of music from the franchise RuneFactory. As well as exclusive game content in the form of additional costumes for the player character.

In conclusion

This new installment is not a new invention of the saga, what it means is a large number of improvements that already take full advantage of the renewed ideas of its previous installment, adding a multitude of new ideas and freedom that they will give from yes to the game for many hours of entertainment and simulation.