russian ship "Moscow" it did not sink and the explosions on board ceased (Russian ministry)


The cruiser “Moskva”, the main ship of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, damaged during the offensive against Ukraine, has not sunk and the explosions on board have stopped, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“The focus of the fire has been contained, there are no more flames. The ammunition explosions have ceased. The cruiser “Moskva” maintains its buoyancy,” said the ministry, which says it is investigating the causes of the incident. Ukraine for its part claims to have attacked the ship.

“Measures have been taken to tow the cruise ship to port,” it added.

The ministry does not give any indication about the reasons for the incident, and ensures that it is under investigation.

It adds that the crew of several hundred people has been evacuated. A balance is not supplied.

In short, “the main missile armament has not been damaged,” says the ministry.

During the night, the Russian ministry had recognized significant damage to the ship. Local Ukrainian authorities claimed for their part that the “Moskva” had been hit by missiles.