Safety accessories in the bathroom


A statistically verifiable fact is that the bathroom is the most dangerous area of ​​the house, since it is where most of the domestic accidents occur. The groups at greatest risk are children and the elderly.

For this reason, there are many accessories that improve safety in the bathroom, greatly reducing the risk of an accident.

Inside the bathroom, the area of ​​greatest danger is the shower and the bathtub.

Safety accessories for the shower and bathtub

For these two sanitary elements there is a great diversity of accessories.


The screens, both for the bathtub and for the shower, are a fundamental element by stopping the outflow of water to the bordering areas, thus avoiding slips.

The installation of a partition is not complicated at all if you are good at DIY. You can buy bathroom screens online for any taste and in many designs, and install it yourself.


Slips don’t just happen when you get out of the shower or bathtub. While we remain inside, there is the same risk, or even more.

That is why it is highly recommended to have a good non-slip flooring installed that covers the entire surface of the shower plate.

safety accessories for bathrooms - photo 5

Solid wood platform “sauna type” with special treatment.

Like the screens, there are platforms of various materials, shapes and designs.


There are also many options for this type of security accessory.

There are those that can be fixed to the wall. And, within these, they can be fixed or removable.

safety accessories for bathrooms - photo 4

The first ones are anchored to the wall by means of several screws. Its installation is super easy.

The second ones have the same function as the previous ones but they are fixed to the wall by means of two powerful suction cups.

safety accessories for bathrooms - photo 2

To me, particularly, those that are screwed give me more confidence.

You can also find removable handles that, instead of being fixed to the wall, are fixed to the edge of the bathtub.


Although there are specific stools for showers, made of aluminum and plastic materials, which can be in contact with water, folding seats are much safer.

These types of seats are very robust, made of stainless steel, they can be in daily contact with water without any problem. They are firmly anchored to the wall. And they add a third advantage: that when they are not in use, they fold down, remaining completely attached to the wall.

safety accessories for bathrooms - photo 3

These seats are specially designed for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

Do you know any other safety accessories for the bathroom?

You can leave us a comment indicating the type of accessory in question.