Samsung GIVES IN, Displaying The Controversial Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra design.


Samsung has revealed the Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Book in an official post on its blog. Both are high-end devices that will compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet lineup when they ship later this year.

Samsung says it is focusing on productivity, with both tablets featuring keyboards for users to type on, along with styluses for drawing and sketching.

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The Galaxy Book is a bigger Surface Pro 4 competitor, running Windows 10 and featuring S-Pen stylus support from Samsung. The company says it wants to “redefine the way we work”, with new features including on-device encryption and an improved version of DeX mode on the tablet’s optional keyboard.

Samsung says it has decided to “stop chasing every trend” in the market. Indeed, if leaks are correct then the Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s most powerful phone yet, complete with curved OLED display and dual rear cameras.


Samsung says it is taking a step back from its “smartphone-centric approach”, instead focusing on “enhancing consumer choice”.

Whether the consumer choice is to purchase an Android or Windows device seems moot. Where, exactly, Samsung will find said consumer choice remains unclear. The company may be attempting to refocus its efforts on the enterprise market, where it has made inroads with its Knox security suite and custom software for businesses.

Samsung’s full blog post can be read here .

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