San Marino, the country within Italy full of curiosities


San Marino. It barely has about 33,000 inhabitants, but it holds the historic title of being the first republic founded on the planet.

It was in the year 301 that the Christian stonemason Marinus the Dalmatian fled from the Roman Emperor Diocletian and sought refuge on the top of Mount Titan.

There he founded this small country of only 61.2 square kilometers, the third smallest in Europe after Vatican City (0.4 square km) and Monaco (2 square km).

That is why this nation is located in Italy and can be easily visited.

The best way to get there is from Bologna; From there take a train to Rimini and upon arrival, in front of the station there is a small shop where they sell bus tickets to San Marino.

If you go be prepared to walk uphills. In fact, very close to where the bus leaves you there are lifts that will make the first part of the journey easier.

Another curiosity is that his soccer team occupied the last position in the FIFA ranking in March, with the incredible record of 100 games without winning. He even plays the European qualifier.

In this small country, Italian is the language and the euro is accepted despite not being part of the European Union.

Going through its historic center calmly can take a few hours. In the following video you can learn more about this country.

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