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To add to your “made my day list” here is “SD Gundam World Heroes” coming up with a new episode. Scroll down if you are excited to know more about the episode 17 release date, timings, spoilers, and episode 16 Recap.

 SD Gundam World Heroes is a Japanese genre action and anime-based ongoing series. It basically premieres on BS11 and Tokyo MX. It is basically a mecha anime that was published this march 2021. This series is cast by Maxwell Powers.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 17 Release Date :

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Since the premiering month, it has hit most of the likes and now it has 16 total episodes with most of the viewers across the world. It is expected to release on the 29th of July 2021. It will be premiering on BS11 and Tokyo MX. But no worries if you have no subscription to this you can always get in touch with the VPN and login to You can also get access to Crunchyroll and Funimation.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 17 Spoilers:

SD GUNDAM WORLD HEROES" Trailer (EN,HK,TW,CN,KR,TH,VN,ID sub) -60 sec- - YouTube

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After the battle, Liu Bei and Sun Jian decided to take a trip together. Reaching the destination he got to know more about master Cao Cao’s devilish plan and planned to take the fight against him. Liu Bei unleashes the Chozetsu Shigoku Songeki Ryuha to punish Cao Cao. Cao Cao realizes that the blow is too powerful for him, but it is too late to dodge it. Let’s see what happens next.

Previously On SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 16  :

SD GUNDAM WORLD HEROES Episode 2 "A Voice That Calls For Justice"(EN,HK,TW,CN,KR,TH,VN,IT,FR,ID sub) - YouTube

Haro should be handed over to Zhuge by Liu Bei but unfortunately, he and Cao Cao signed up for a war. Obviously, Liu Bei was the strongest army ever in the troop on the island. He has the power to cancel out all the problems the world is facing.

Zhao Yun arrives by bicycle and tells the heroes that he can stop the enemies while they send Haro to Liu Bei.

Everyone was interested in Zhao because they were given word of him dying before. Cao Cao brandishes his sword to cut off Liu Bei’s head. But Zhao uses Ryusosen to stop Cao Cao from killing Liu Bei.

Cao Cao manipulated him for the powers which can be used in a better way. But the episode ends with Cao Cao defeating, joining the army, and here comes another evil putting its eye.

SD Gundam World Heroes Trivia:

The opening theme Tagatameni Aiwanaru (For Whom Love Rings) is performed by TrySail and Borderless is performed by THIS IS JAPAN.

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