Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings Review: Is It Upto Your Expectations?


Who Is Shang Chi:

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It is a character, a master of unarmed combat, which was first appeared in the marvel comics in 1973 when the KBC drama kung fu is going very popular. Shang chi is the son of the famous supervillain fu Manchu but later o in a different direction to his father’s way.

Shang Chi Review: Is It Worth It?

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Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings Review

The film is starred by the Hongkong legend name tony Leung as wenwu, the father of both Shang chi and the shadowy Ninja army. Shang chi is the first marvel Asian lead, of the movie which was completely based on Asian cinema. His greatest strength is to surprise every time. From the very moment when Shang chi showed his martial ars skills in the very popular action movie, the legend of ten rings is a full action movie.  The fighting scene in the movie was done by the brad Allen and the Jackie chan collaboration. At that time he was fully interested in marvel movies with is a good thing and also the bad one at the same time.

Above all the films that make the public go crazy. The MCU was dealt with the superhero genre of the secret identity, but Shang chi cooperated with living the two different personality challenges of the Asian American experience. By the wonderful director hand Destin daniel cretton,  the legend of the ten rings make the way from past falling representations of marvel and give up with the Chinese family and culture that made the Asian background having the flavor of warmth ad authenticity.

 The character imu Liu stood up in the tough spot. However, Leung is an epic character, awkwafina is the funnier, meng’er zhang is the Shang chi sister with the compelling nature, and last, not least Michelle Yeoh is a simple but charismatic character. A combination of flashbacks and voiceovers Liu himself faded away from the spotlight of sketches away. Interestingly he is a pretty charming wandering like an ass-kicking lunk into the MCU in the man leading status. Whether you forgot that it is marvel movie because his character is made to a memorable part in the marvel myth.

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