Shirtless Pete Davidson MADE a “Fun” Personal Life Joke in the SNL Cold Open


Saturday Night Live’s cold open this week showed that Pete Davidson was not bashful in poking fun at his personal life.

The first part of the ad, which focused on Joe Biden, played by James Austin Johnson, announced a press conference to halt the dissemination of COVID-19 by urging people to avoid seeing Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters.

When a reporter inquired whether there were other versions of the president in the multiverse, Davidson materialized as a younger, bare-chested form of the U.S. leader, a reference to the Marvel film.

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Davidson continued, “I’m Joe Biden from the real world. You’re living in a reality that’s about to collapse. It all began as a joke in 2016 when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Now it’s gotten completely out of hand, and it could erupt at any moment.”

“The rest of us are doing well in the real world,” added another journalist. “Everyone on Earth is better off in the actual world, with the exception of one person named Pete Davidson. Your life may be more pleasurable for him.”

As of late, it appears that Pete’s world has been enjoyable.

In October, Kim Kardashian of Keeping Up with the Kardashians guest-hosted Saturday Night Live. E! News confirmed that 28-year-old comedian and star of The K Queen, Scott Gimenez, and the spinoff series Keeping Up With the Kardashians has started dating on April 14th.


Since then, they’ve been seen vacationing in the Bahamas, going on cozy pizza dates in Los Angeles, and even seeing movies together in Pete’s native Staten Island, NY.

Not everyone, however, has been pleased with their budding relationship. Kim’s ex-husband Kanye “Ye” West released a song called “Eazy” on Jan. 15, with lyrics that make a not-so-subtle reference to Peter.

“God saved me from that collision so I could surpass Pete Davidson’s ass,” says Ye. The band has yet to respond to the song. Last week, a source close to the SKIMS creator said, “Pete is having a wonderful time with Anna.”

The insider added, “It’s all very light and enjoyable. It’s a substantial change for her and just what she needs right now. She seems to be having a good time being simple and easy.” “Pete is a charmer and a jokester. They become thrilled around each other, and it’s really endearing.”

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